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Choice Ballast Solutions is an Authorized Service Partner for BWMS Makers

Choice Ballast Solutions is packed up and ready to go to the next assignment – as Authorized Service Partners for BIO-SEA, ECOCHLOR, and DESMI – Choice Ballast Solutions is on-call with to assist these BWMS manufacturers with service, installation or commissioning projects across the United States.


Carnival Cruise Line Choses Choice Ballast Solutions to Develop BWM & Biofouling Plans for their Fleet

“Choice Ballast Solutions (Choice) is developing Ballast Water Management Plans (BWMPs) and Biofouling Management Plans for the entire Carnival Fleet – 24 cruise ships – including the new MARDI GRAS.  Over 20 BWMPs have been provided at this time.  The Choice BWMP template is streamlined and clearly specifies the requirements, addresses any BWMS special issues […]


Choice Ballast Solutions Joins NETSCo to Complete 3D Scan on the “Mantaro”

Choice Ballast Solutions and sister company, NETSCo completed a 3D scan and survey of the “Mantaro” in Lima, Peru in preparation of a ballast water management system (BWMS) retrofit. Choice uses sophisticated computerized modeling software to build a fully interactive 3D model of the vessel that is used to develop conceptual designs to aid in […]


Choice Ballast Solution Finalizes 3D Scan and Survey of the “Mar Pacifico”

Paul Mueller, Choice Ballast Solution (Choice) Service Manager is shown in the engine room finalizing the 3D scan and survey of the Mar Pacifico in preparation for the Desmi Ocean Guard A/S CompactClean ballast water management system (BWMS) retrofit. This 3D modeling project will demonstrate how the CompactClean system, and associated filters and piping, will […]


Proposed standards for vessel incidental discharges

Senior compliance engineer Debra DiCianna discusses the EPA’s proposed performance standards for vessel incidental discharges in an OpEd posted on the Riviera Maritime Media website. “On 26 October 2020, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published proposed performance standards for vessel incidental discharges. The proposed rulemaking was the first step in moving from the Vessel […]

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