Container Ships

Choice Container Ship projects have included:

  • BWMS Feasibility Studies
  • Survey, 3D Scans and Modeling
  • Ballast Water Flow Rate Analysis
  • Basic Design Engineering
  • Detail Design Engineering
  • Class Documentation and Approvals

Container ships typically place ballast in midships, double-bottom tanks for maximum stability. However, sometimes, midship wing ballast tanks and tanks fore and aft from the midship may be used. BWMS are typically places in the Engine Room. 3D Scanning and Modeling can be used to allow to maximum detail when determining BWMS placement and piping. These installations can be complex, considering pipe routings, tank stripping, controls integration, etc. Choice has the experience to help choose the system and the skill-set necessary to do the job right. Choice offers a comprehensive combination of qualifications in BWMS retrofits, from preliminary engineering to detail engineering drawings as well as Class documentation and approvals.

We understand that time is of the essence when your ship is in dry dock. We provide engineering solutions to minimize costly modifications or delays.

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