Cruise Ships

Choice Cruise Ship projects have included:

  • BWMS Feasibility Studies
  • BWMS Selection Recommendations
  • Ship Survey
  • Basic Design Engineering
  • Detail Design Engineering
  • Class Documentation and Approvals
  • On Board Compliance, Technical Manuals, Crew Training

The safe operation of a cruise ship to and from the port is an important requirement for vessels charged with passenger’s well-being. Passenger vessels typically have low-volume ballast requirements, but they have the same BWMS compliance requirements as any other ship in the ocean. Cruise ship companies have been one of the early adopters of BWMS retrofits and Choice has spent years supporting the efforts of some of the largest cruise lines in the world while considering any retrofit limitations imposed by equipment location, safety and cost.

Choice is committed to offering best practices in safety and compliance to provide effective outcomes to shipowners in the cruise line industry.

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