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Choice Ballast Solutions is focused on one thing: Ballast Water Management! We provide services in Compliance Strategy, 3D Scanning, Engineering, Installation, Project Management and compliance for the life of the vessel!

BWMS retrofits are INVASIVE to vessel operations and crew. A successful Choice BWMS retrofit will minimize the effects on vessel operations and crew; and maximize compliance. Many factors influence a successful installation. Choice has expertise in every aspect of the process from fleet assessment to continued compliance after the commissioning. Our projects, in collaboration with a wide variety of BWMS manufacturers, have included vessel-specific studies as well as installation supervision, engineering system updates and software design specification. Through this scope of work with manufacturers, our professionals have an unparalleled understanding of the benefits and weaknesses of each of the major treatment technologies available on the market without bias to any supplier. Choice looks to identify and implement the most optimal solution for your ship.

Choice is committed to forward-thinking, creative marine engineering solutions ─ we have directed more than 125 BWMS projects covering most vessel types.

Case Studies

McDermott North Ocean 102

Vessel Detail:
Owner: McDermott International, Inc.

Official Flag: Malta
Built/Year: Spain – 2009
Description: A modern flex-lay vessel, designed for global operations
DWT: 7000 t
IMO #: 938229
Ballast Water Tank Capacity: 1,408,037 usg [5,330 m3]
Class: DNV GL


Choice conducted a survey and 3D scan of the vessel, the pre-survey included the collection and review of vessel drawings, vessel operations, and data. They also reviewed and evaluated vessel’s current ballasting procedure and process. Class & Flag State submittals and a completed Ballast Water Management Plan for the vessel were also part of Choice’s Scope of Work for this vessel.

Additionally, Choice was responsible of the installation of BWMS and any new components integral to the operation of the system including the electrical and control panels, treatment system, filtration system, and new piping to support the BWMS. Choice also supported the testing and commissioning of the BWMS in collaboration with the manufacturer and Class.

Challenges: North Ocean 102 is a modern flex-lay vessel, designed for global operations configured with port and starboard ballast pumps servicing port and starboard ballast mains with a crossover line, both ballast pumps are typically used for ballasting and deballasting. The vessel is not arranged to allow for gravity ballasting or de-ballasting through the BWMS. The heeling pump is arranged to transfer water rapidly between only these tanks. The tanks are normally filled and discharged by the main ballast pumps.

Solution: Two Optimarin BWMS’s (one system / per ballast pump) were connected to service the vessel’s ballast system. The BWMS filters, UV reactors, flow and pressure valves, flow meters, and control panels were installed in the Port and Starboard Pump Rooms. The UV power cabinets and distribution panels were installed aft of the Pump Rooms in the Port HPU Room.

New piping was installed to connect the existing ballast piping to the BWMS. Two new overboard lines with electro-pneumatically operated shell valves were installed in the Pump Rooms to support the BWMS filter drain line and BWMS operation. Only minor piping tie-ins were made to accommodate installation of the BWMS.

For ballasting operations utilizing the BWMS, incoming seawater is pumped through the BWMS filter and UV reactor and then into the ballast tanks. For de-ballasting operations the BWMS filter is by-passed and water from the ballast tanks is passed through the UV reactor prior to discharge overboard. These major pieces of equipment were positioned to allow routing of ballast and drain line piping connected to this equipment while providing adequate clearance for operation and service. The 3D arrangement was provided to depict the major BWMS equipment and arrangement within the new treatment space.

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