Gas Carriers (LNG, LPG)

Choice Gas Carrier projects have included:

  • BWMS Feasibility Studies and Recommendations
  • Survey, 3D Scan and Modeling
  • Ballast Water Flow Analysis
  • Basic Design Engineering
  • Class Documentation and Approvals

Gas Carriers tend to have a larger ballast capacity, as well as pumps that have higher flow rates. Adding a BWMS to an existing fleet has far more challenges than those of newbuilds due to limited available space and power requirements.

A ships age, size, ballast tank and pump capacity, ship route and length of voyage are all considerations when selecting the right BWMS for gas carriers. There is also the additional issue of equipment placement within hazardous and non-hazardous zones. Using BWMS equipment and components that are Explosion-proof certified or using a Class approved alternative solution is a requirement for the safety of the crew and vessel.

With a focus on maximizing ship efficiency, Choice has analyzed all of the challenges involved in the integration of a BWMS to gas carriers’ operations. We provide expert guidance to shipowners in the preparation of feasibility studies and technology recommendations that are ship-specific or for your entire fleet.

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