Choice Tanker projects have included:

  • Ballast Water Flow Analysis
  • BWMS Feasibility Studies
  • Ship-specific Risk Assessment for BWMS Integration
  • 3D Scans, Modeling and Ship Surveys
  • Basic Design Engineering
  • Detail Design Engineering
  • Installation Integration Assessment and Reports
  • Shipyard Installation Specifications
  • Installation Supervision and Commissioning Services
  • Class Documentation and Approvals


  • Independent Report on Chemical Tank Coating
  • Hazardous Area Installation Report on Tankers

Tanker retrofits require highly skilled marine engineers in order create detail drawings that will optimize equipment and piping placement as well as to properly integrate a BWMS to the ship’s operations. Safety of the crew and ship-specific requirements within hazardous areas are important considerations and add to the complexity of the project. Other challenges with a tanker retrofit often include: limitations in space; power restrictions; additional piping for submerged ballast pumps and possible pressure loss; and/or piping insulation for vessels sailing in arctic waters.

Choice has conducted BWMS evaluations, 3D scanning, and basic design engineering, as well as detail engineering designs for tankers of various sizes. Our pre-installation services allow for the precision and accuracy necessary in the placement of equipment and piping and minimize modifications during the installation process.

Choice has extensive, hands-on BWMS retrofit experience for tankers with hazardous zones, submerged ballast pumps and working with Classification Societies for design approvals.

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