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Key Services

3D Scanning on board a vessel

3D Scanning & Vessel Surveys

3D Scanning and Vessel Survey Icon

Choice provides highly-detailed 3D Scanning to capture the “as-built” condition of the vessel and assist in the modeling of ballast water management system (BWMS) technologies or Scrubber Exhaust Gas Cleaning System conversions.  3D Modeling will demonstrate how either of these systems, and associated filters and piping, will fit within the available space for the vessel. A Choice 3D Scan and Modeling would:

  • Capture the as-built piping, structure and arrangement of the vessel
  • Model the BWMS or scrubber and components in location, show obstructions and verify maintenance space
  • Generate a preliminary visual design (to assist in decision-making of the final arrangement)
  • Reduce potential change orders during the retrofit
  • Provide for pre-fabrication options to reduce costs
  • Identify potential hazardous areas or risks
  • Maintain accurate 3D ship engineering records for future use