Choice provides highly-detailed 3D Scanning to capture the “as-built” condition of the vessel and assist in the modeling of BWMS technologies. 3D Modeling will demonstrate how a BWMS, and associated filters and piping, will fit within the available space for the vessel. A Choice 3D Scan and Modeling would:

  • Capture the as-built piping, structure and arrangement of the vessel
  • Model the BWMS and Components in Location, Show Obstructions and Verify Maintenance Space
  • Generate a Preliminary Visual Design (to assist in decision-making of the final arrangement)
  • Reduce Potential Change Orders During the Retrofit
  • Provide for Pre-Fabrication Options to Reduce Costs
  • Identify Potential Hazardous Areas or Risks
  • Maintain Accurate 3D Ship Engineering Records for Future Use
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