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Authorized Service Partners


Netsco Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering

For over 34 years NETSCo has been providing unique, full-service Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering services for vessels of all types. From concept to actual construction, solving complex marine problems has been an asset to clients looking for a “one-stop” results. Most NETSCo staff have over 20 years in the maritime industry, giving clients the utmost confidence in the expertise needed to ensure success ofanygiven project.Dedicated to keeping our oceans clean, NETSCo has worked on projects to reduce sulfur emissions through conversions or modifications to existing vessels. Along with Choice Ballast Solutions, sister-company, NETSCo has completed feasibility studies, detail engineering drawings, as well as compliance, consulting and retrofit projects for a wide variety of BWMS treatment technologies and ship types.

Bio-Sea UV Ballast Water Management System

Installation, Commissioning and Service
The BIO-SEA technology combines mechanical filtration and UV disinfection and is compliant with IMO and USCG BWM regulation.

Ecochlor Ballast Water Management System

Project Management, Commissioning and Service
Ecochlor’s EcoOne BWMS uses ClO2 ballast water treatment technology and is offered in both filterless and hybrid mode. There is no neutralization or treatment prior to discharge. There are no TRO sensors, no electrodes or no complex power supplies. Gravity ballasting options are available.


DESMI Ocean Guard uses a UV-based treatment technology that is offered in three different variants: CompactClean for worldwide operation; CompactClean OptIMO for operation mainly in IMO waters; and the CompactClean Bulker, which is specifically designed for bulker vessels.


Falck Formco offers a variety of solutions and technologies in water treatment ranging from drinking and cooling water treatment over oily water separation to ballast water treatment systems and BWMS consulting. Newest developments in bearing and sealings are available as well as highly sophisticated and efficient antifouling and anti-corrosion systems for vessels hulls and seawater piping systems. Falck Formco represents Choice Ballast Solutions in Denmark and Germany.