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Key Services

Paul Mueller doin a 3D scan of a vessel for a BWMS retrofit

Feasibility Studies & Selection

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Ship type, as well as size and the vessel’s operational area, affect the BWMS decision. A Choice Feasibility Study will assist Shipowners to understand the impact of the BWMS on their crew and how the system will integrate with the vessel’s operations and controls. Choice specialists will research and identify BWMS alternatives for your fleet or vessel while identifying the benefits and life-cycle costs of each technology in order to offer the best solution for your company.

Choice has an experienced team of engineers that conduct ship-specific feasibility assessments including:

  • Operational profile of the vessel
  • Cargo and ballasting operations assessment
  • Shipping route issues affecting the BWMS System Design Limitations (SDL)
  • Technical installation considerations
  • Operational considerations
  • Ballast pumps and flow assessment
  • Functions, attributes and specifications of BWMS
  • Space limitations and restrictions
  • Maintenance and training considerations

After choosing a ballast water treatment technology, Choice can help negotiate fleet agreements with the BWMS manufacturer that can span over multi-year installation schedules.