VIDA Proposal and Comment Period

Excerpts from (10/6/20) The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed standards to reduce the environmental impact of discharges, such as ballast water, that are incidental to the normal operation of commercial vessels. When finalized, this new rule will streamline the current patchwork of federal, state, and local requirements that apply to the commercial vessel [...]

Understanding the BWMS Code

The BWMS Code has specific requirements for BWMS testing, test reporting, type approval certificates, and control and monitoring. All BWMS installed onboard ships on or after 28 October 2020 will need to be approved in accordance with the BWMS Code (IMO Resolution MEPC.300(72).  The BWMS Code revokes the existing 2016 Guidelines (MEPC.279(70)) and previous guidelines […]

USCG Type Approval Updates

The USCG has issued its 34th Ballast Water Management System Type Approval to the Kuraray Microfade II BWTS. The treatment principle of the Kuraray MICROFADE II Ballast Water Treatment System consists of filtration with chemical injection treatment at uptake and neutralization during discharge. This approval covers six models with maximum treatment rated capacities between 250 m3/h and 2,000 […]

Ballast water treatment for OSVs: alternatives to onboard systems

Craig Jallal, Editor at Riviera Maritime Media asks the question, “Do OSVs [offshore vessels] require ballast water treatment systems?” Jallal answers this question in a recently published article for OSV magazine: “It is a frequently asked question, especially where the vessel only operates in the same area. While offshore vessels are unlikely to discharge as […]

U.S. Lake Carriers Association Petitions FMC to Investigate Canada’s BWM Regulations

The Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) has voted to investigate a complaint from the Lake Carriers Association (LCA) that claims the proposed Transport Canada (an agency of the Government of Canada) ballast water regulations will discriminate against US flag vessel operators. In the petition, LCA alleges that Transport Canada has proposed regulations that would require their […]

USCG Expands BWM Reporting Requirements for Tankers Over 100 GT

The US Coast Guard (USCG) issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking.  The Coast Guard proposed to expand its regulations on vessel financial responsibility to apply to all tank vessels great than 100 gross tons and to make other amendments that clarify and update reporting requirements, reflect current practice and remove unnecessary regulations. The proposed rule […]

3 BWMS Manufactures Issued USCG Type Approval Certificates in May 2020

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) has recently issued a Ballast Water Management System (BWMS) Type Approval Certificate to Miura Co., Ltd, Techcross, and Semb-Eco Pte, Ltd. Miura Co., Ltd., HK-(E)R Treatment technology: Filtration/Ultraviolet USCG Type Approval Certificate Country: Japan Techcross, ECS-HYCHLOR Treatment technology: Filtration/Electrochlorination USCG Type Approval Certificate Country: Korea Semb-Eco Pte Ltd., LUV […]

Debra DiCianna Offers Insight to Shipowners on BWMS Alternatives at Riviera Webinar Week

Debra DiCianna, senior compliance engineer at Choice Ballast Solutions was part of an expert panel along with Kevin J Reynolds, Glostens’ director of research & development at the Riviera Maritime Media Ballast Water Webinar Week. The webinar was titled, Alternatives to shipboard ballast water treatment systems. Ms DiCianna discussed two subjects on the topic. The […]

AMS Ballast Water Management System Extensions are Expiring

“The end of US Coast Guard’s Alternate Management System (AMS) program for ballast water discharges means owners whose systems are not USCG Type Approved should seek an extension or risk losing the ability to trade in US waters.” “Extensions to the AMS acceptance period, reviewed on a case-by-case basis, could give shipowners permission to continue […]

Choice Ballast Solution Announces Restructuring

Choice Ballast Solutions (Choice), a sister company of Northeast Technical Services Co., Inc (NETSCo), is excited to announce a company-wide restructuring to more accurately reflect the relationship between the two companies and better serve the maritime industry. In 2013, Choice was formed with the singular focus of bringing superior project management and compliance consulting to […]

USCG Provides Guidance on the BWMS Type Approval Process

Currently, 58 Makers have submitted a Letter of Intent, with 30 applications in process and 21 have been issued Type Approval Certificates. “There is no set timeline for issuing a type approval certificate,” Baldassini reminded conference attendees. “The type approval timeline begins once MSC receives a complete application, as defined in the regulations, and the […]

USCG Policy Letter on Nonviable Organism Testing

On July 31, 2019, the USCG published the long-awaited draft policy paper on Acceptance of Type Approval Testing Protocols for Ballast Water Management Systems (BWMS) that Render Organisms in Ballast Water Nonviable. The policy paper describes the standard and the process for acceptance and use of new protocols. The “Instructions for Submitting Testing Protocols” outlines […]

Insightful Case Study about a Tanker Ballast Water Management System Retrofit

In early 2019, Scorpio Tankers chose Choice Ballast Solution to assist as the integration engineering firm for 55 planned ballast water management system retrofits, scheduled to take place over the next five years Recently, Ballast Water Treatment Technology’s annual guide published a case study of the BWMS installation on board Scorpio Tanker’s sister ships STI […]

Singapore Announces Commissioning Testing of BWMS to Begin in September

The Singapore Maritime and Port Authority released a Circular (SHIPPING CIRCULAR NO. 09 OF 2019) for shipowners and operators regarding the new IMO guidance for the commissioning testing of newly installed ballast water management systems (BWMS) for Singapore Registered Ships (SRS). The purpose of the commissioning test is to verify that the mechanical, physical, chemical […]

CHOICE and NETSCo Confirm 30 BWMS Retrofits in Progress

In cooperation with sister company NETSCo, CHOICE Ballast Solutions (CHOICE) is pleased to announce that there are more than 30 ballast water management system (BWMS) projects in varying stages of completion. CHOICE together with NETSCo are positioned to become one of the top BWMS planning, compliance consulting and installation resources worldwide. CHOICE provides end-to-end BWMS solutions […]

USCG Reconsiders “next scheduled dry dock date” for BWMS Compliance

The U.S. Coast Guard issued a release stating it has reconsidered its stance on ‘next scheduled drydocking date’ for ballast water management systems (BWMS) compliance. As stated in the bulletin, “Vessels that have received an extension of the ballast water compliance date that was stipulated as the “first scheduled drydock after (date)” and subsequently experience […]

Debra DiCianna Speaks on BWM and 20/20 Sulphur Cap Compliance

Complying with the latest environmental regulations has never been more important! Debra DiCianna, Senior Compliance Engineer at Choice Ballast Solutions (Choice) will be speaking at the Scrubbers and Ballast Water Systems for Superintendents and Ship Managers on March 13, 2019 in Limassol, Cyprus. More than 170 ship managers and industry experts plan to be in […]

Ballast Breakdowns: Don’t go with the flow

Ship owners must take care if they are to avoid buying and installing ballast water management systems with high flaw rates. Stevie Knight of Motorship magazine explores recently exposed reliability challenges [with shipyards choosing & installing ballast water management systems (BWMS)]. DiCianna notes that when Choice Ballast has carried out inspections on failures, one of […]

14th Ballast Water Treatment System Type Approved by USCG

The list of Ballast Water Management Systems approved by the USCG now offers has a complete range of treatment technologies and ballast water flow rates options. The Marine Safety Center issued the 14th U.S. Coast Guard Ballast Water Management System Type Approval Certificate to Panasia Co., Ltd. The treatment technology of the GloEn-Patrol BWMS consists of filtration […]

Deadline for Eligible Vessels to Obtain 2013 VGP Coverage is December 18th

The 2013 Vessel General Permit will not be reissued prior to its December 18, 2018 expiration date but will be administratively continued and remain in effect until a new permit is issued (tentatively scheduled for Spring 2019). For vessels currently without permit coverage the EPA strongly encourages owners/operators of eligible vessels to seek permit coverage […]

Choice Completes Detailed Scrubber & BWMS Engineering Surveys and 3D Laser Scans

In preparation for feasibility studies and engineering designs and drawings, Choice is proud to announce the completion of a series of scrubber and ballast water management engineering surveys and 3D laser scans for major shipowners in the maritime industry. John P. Dooley, President of Choice said, “The integration of a scrubber is a major conversion […]

GloFouling Partnership Program Initiated to Address Biofouling

The GloFouling Partnerships project – a collaboration between the Global Environment Facility (GEF), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the International Maritime Organization (IMO) – is a new international program set in place to review and recommend regulations to lessen the transfer of invasive organisms that contaminate pipes and other underwater surfaces. According to […]

UPDATE: Vessel Incidental Discharge Act Signed Into Law

The United States (U.S.) will be changing regulation of discharges from vessels, including ballast water. The law will reauthorize U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) programs including major changes to US ballast water management (BWM) regulations and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Vessel General Permit – through the Vessel Incidental Discharge Act (VIDA).  The bill was signed […]

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