MEPC 79 Summary

Various proposals for amendments and unified interpretations were discussed at MEPC in correlation to the guidelines of the BWM Convention. Operational matters regarding the implementation of the BWM Convention were also under consideration. Two additional BWMSs were type approved at this meeting pending the outcome of GESAMP-BWWG 42. BWMS guidance on BWM in challenging waters […]


Choice Ballast Solutions is an Authorized Service Partner for BWMS Makers

Choice Ballast Solutions is packed up and ready to go to the next assignment – as Authorized Service Partners for BIO-SEA, ECOCHLOR, and DESMI – Choice Ballast Solutions is on-call with to assist these BWMS manufacturers with service, installation or commissioning projects across the United States.


USCG Announced Final Policy Letter for BWMS Type-Approved Testing Methods

In March 2022, the United States Coast Guard announced the availability of the Final Policy Letter describing type-approval testing methods, and the acceptance process for those methods, for ballast water management systems (BWMS). In the draft policy, the USCG did not describe the use of the existing testing method to test organism viability. However, in […]


Summary of MEPC 77

Tackling climate change with a focus on the ever-challenging GHG emissions from ships was the focus of MEPC 77. Recognizing that the Committee needed to strengthen the existing initiative on the ‘IMO Strategy on Reduction of GHG emissions from ships’ they invited Member States and International Organizations to send revised strategies for consideration at MEPC […]


California State Lands Commission will be hosting two webinars

California State Lands Commission adopts federal ballast water discharge standards and is hosting two webinars about changes in the regulations that will become effective on January 1, 2022. See below for dates and description of the webinars. November 18, 2021, 10-11:00 a.m. Provide information about the new requirements. December 16, 2021, 10-11:00 a.m. Provide further […]


Carnival Cruise Line Choses Choice Ballast Solutions to Develop BWM & Biofouling Plans for their Fleet

“Choice Ballast Solutions (Choice) is developing Ballast Water Management Plans (BWMPs) and Biofouling Management Plans for the entire Carnival Fleet – 24 cruise ships – including the new MARDI GRAS.  Over 20 BWMPs have been provided at this time.  The Choice BWMP template is streamlined and clearly specifies the requirements, addresses any BWMS special issues […]


BEMA Releases Position Statement on BWMS Operation in Ports with Challenging Water Quality

The Ballastwater Equipment Manufacturers’ Association (BEMA) has prepared a Position Statement to “…present technical information and considerations from the treatment system manufacturer and system component supplier perspectives.” “BEMA and its Members are keen to ensure that BWMS installed on ships trading worldwide are installed correctly, and operate reliably and safely. BWMS equipment will deliver compliant […]


Clean Shipping International Magazine Interviews Leading BWMS Experts

In an article, “Act Now or Face the Consequences” Clean Shipping International talked to several leading ballast water management system (BWMS) players to hear their views on testing, the G8 rules and the forthcoming IMO meetings. Debra DiCianna, Senior Compliance Engineer, explained the role of G8 and the additional testing soon to be required at […]


Intertanko Released Survey Results on Challenging Ports for BWMS

INTERTANKO (the International Association of Independent Tanker Owners) initiated a survey covering occurrences from 1 July 2019 to 5 April 2021 identifying port waters that challenged the efficacy of a ship’s ballast water management system (BWMS). Of the 91 reports received from their members, 59 ports were identified with water conditions that can affect the […]


Choice Ballast Solutions Joins NETSCo to Complete 3D Scan on the “Mantaro”

Choice Ballast Solutions and sister company, NETSCo completed a 3D scan and survey of the “Mantaro” in Lima, Peru in preparation of a ballast water management system (BWMS) retrofit. Choice uses sophisticated computerized modeling software to build a fully interactive 3D model of the vessel that is used to develop conceptual designs to aid in […]


Choice Ballast Solution Finalizes 3D Scan and Survey of the “Mar Pacifico”

Paul Mueller, Choice Ballast Solution (Choice) Service Manager is shown in the engine room finalizing the 3D scan and survey of the Mar Pacifico in preparation for the Desmi Ocean Guard A/S CompactClean ballast water management system (BWMS) retrofit. This 3D modeling project will demonstrate how the CompactClean system, and associated filters and piping, will […]


Proposed standards for vessel incidental discharges

Senior compliance engineer Debra DiCianna discusses the EPA’s proposed performance standards for vessel incidental discharges in an OpEd posted on the Riviera Maritime Media website. “On 26 October 2020, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published proposed performance standards for vessel incidental discharges. The proposed rulemaking was the first step in moving from the Vessel […]


BWM Compliance is Complicated in the Great Lakes

The latest Great Lakes / Seaway Review article concerning the inconsistency in environmental regulations in the Great Lakes was co-written by Debra DiCianna, Senior Compliance Engineer, Choice Ballast Solutions and Richard Mueller, President/CEO of NETSCo, Inc. with a focus on the expanded requirements in both the U.S. and Canada regarding ballast water management regulations. Excerpt: […]


Debra DiCianna to Speak at BWMTech Global

On 7 December 2020, Debra DiCianna will speak at BWMTech Global. This virtual event organized by Maritime Informa Connect is highlighted as, “the world’s leading ballast water management conference helping you to achieve operational efficiency and continued compliance.” Ms. DiCianna’s presentation is, Understanding the EPA Proposed Performance Standards. To register, go to


VIDA Proposal and Comment Period

Excerpts from (10/6/20) The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed standards to reduce the environmental impact of discharges, such as ballast water, that are incidental to the normal operation of commercial vessels. When finalized, this new rule will streamline the current patchwork of federal, state, and local requirements that apply to the commercial vessel [...]


Choice Completes 3D Scans and BWM Plan for Hyde Shipping

Choice Ballast Solutions (Choice) has completed their latest 3D scan project for Hyde Shipping in preparation for an upcoming retrofit of the Alfa Laval ballast water management system. The project has encompassed doing 3D scans onboard the vessel, a BWM Plan along with basic and detailed engineering designs in collaboration with sister company, NETSCo. Choice […]


Understanding the BWMS Code

The BWMS Code has specific requirements for BWMS testing, test reporting, type approval certificates, and control and monitoring. All BWMS installed onboard ships on or after 28 October 2020 will need to be approved in accordance with the BWMS Code (IMO Resolution MEPC.300(72).  The BWMS Code revokes the existing 2016 Guidelines (MEPC.279(70)) and previous guidelines […]


USCG Type Approval Updates

The USCG has issued its 34th Ballast Water Management System Type Approval to the Kuraray Microfade II BWTS. The treatment principle of the Kuraray MICROFADE II Ballast Water Treatment System consists of filtration with chemical injection treatment at uptake and neutralization during discharge. This approval covers six models with maximum treatment rated capacities between 250 m3/h and 2,000 […]


Ballast water treatment for OSVs: alternatives to onboard systems

Craig Jallal, Editor at Riviera Maritime Media asks the question, “Do OSVs [offshore vessels] require ballast water treatment systems?” Jallal answers this question in a recently published article for OSV magazine: “It is a frequently asked question, especially where the vessel only operates in the same area. While offshore vessels are unlikely to discharge as […]


U.S. Lake Carriers Association Petitions FMC to Investigate Canada’s BWM Regulations

The Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) has voted to investigate a complaint from the Lake Carriers Association (LCA) that claims the proposed Transport Canada (an agency of the Government of Canada) ballast water regulations will discriminate against US flag vessel operators. In the petition, LCA alleges that Transport Canada has proposed regulations that would require their […]

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