Extensions of a vessel’s BWMS compliance date are granted to shipowners who have documented that, as of the application date, compliance using a USCG Type Approved system is not possible. The USCG has not stopped considering extensions but now requires extra documentation to support the extension application as described in the NVIC signed on March 1.

The process for extensions has become far more difficult. Third-party verification is required for any extension applications submitted this year.  The USCG wants proof that a shipowner is moving forward and committed to compliance with BWM requirements.

Choice Ballast Solutions (Choice) can prepare and deliver the information required to submit an extension application with a timeline that outlines the steps to be undertaken. This includes:

  • Technical issues
  • Feasibility studies of available BWMS for your fleet or vessel
  • Proof of BWMS acquisition
  • Proof of contract with drydocking facilities
  • Proof of contract with engineering firm with estimated timeline
  • Detailed design
  • Class approval and documentation
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