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Choice Ballast detailed engineering design from a 3D scan

Detail Engineering Design

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The detail engineering and design process is a critical stage in any retrofit project. The Choice team of BWMS experts will use their experience to prepare detail engineering packages that show all the foundations, mechanical and electrical components. Using the precision of 3D scanning, our engineers will add piping, connections and pre-fabrication drawings to eliminate onsite installation errors. The Detail Engineering Design package may be used by the shipyard to develop pricing and for installation. Choice’s detail design phase can include:

  • Refined, detail engineering design and specifications
  • Pre-fabrication drawings
  • Materials list and procurement plans
  • Class and Flag documentation and approvals
  • Pre-Installation preparations

Using an engineering firm with a long history and range of work in BWMS is imperative to the success of an installation. The Choice team draws on their past involvement with regulatory agencies, BWMS manufacturers and shipyards to assist shipowners to ensure that cost savings are maximized while streamlining the installation experience.