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Key Services

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Operations, Training & Testing Services

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After the installation, maximize your BWMS investment and optimize the system’s efficiency and performance with our trained Choice staff. Choice provides crew training for both BWMSs as well as instruction specific to IMO and U.S. Coast regulatory requirements and what authorities may be reviewing on your vessel during their PSC inspections. All of our training programs are interactive and tailored specifically to the needs of our clients.

Choice life-cycle support can assist the shipowner with:

  • Crew training
  • Fleet system and operations support for BWM compliance

Commissioning Efficacy Testing

After 1 June 2022, all ships commissioning their ballast water management system (BWMS) installation will be required to undergo IMO efficacy testing to verify that the BWMS can achieve the discharge standards required for the BWM Convention (Resolution MEPC.325[75]) and they should follow the guidance outlined in BWM.2/Circ.70/Rev.1, 2020 Guidance for the commissioning testing of ballast water management systems. The commissioning efficacy testing needs to be done to the satisfaction of the ship’s Administration (i.e., Flag) and responsible Classification Society.

Efficacy testing will be required of the discharge from the BWMS after full treatment has occurred (e.g., uptake and discharge treatment of UV-based BWMS, including any applicable holding limitations). Testing will also assess the applicable self-monitoring parameters (e.g., flow rate, pressure, TRO concentration, UV transmittance/intensity).

The International Ballast Water Management Convention (IBWMC) Certificate cannot be issued until the test report is issued and the testing results are satisfactory to the ship’s Administration.  Any failure of test results will require additional testing.

The Choice team will use their extensive experience in the industry to help guide you through the process, review options all to ensure that the commissioning testing is completed with minimal impact to the ship and crew. Our services include:

  • Evaluate approved testing companies
  • Identify optimum time/place for vessel’s compliance testing
  • Assist with lab and testing schedule
  • Resolve problems with testing or BWMS test failures