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A closer look at NVIC 01-18 and BWMS compliance date extensions

On March 7, The USCG posted further insight on NVIC 01-18.  The main points emphasized:

  • No extensions will be granted to a vessel with an installed alternate management system (AMS) and no extensions will be granted to install an AMS.
  • However, the Coast Guard will consider granting extensions to vessels that intend to install a BWMS that is expected to receive type approval in the near future.

The USCG stated that “These requests should include specific documentation clearly indicating the system is expected to receive Coast Guard type approval within 12 months of the vessel’s current compliance date. Documentation should include proof from the manufacturer or independent lab that shows they have applied for Coast Guard type approval, proof of acquisition of the BWMS, and proof of arrangements for installation on a specific date not to exceed 12 months from the vessel’s current compliance date.

Choice has been in discussions with the USCG on alternatives to “proof of acquisition of the BWMS” because acquisition of a BWMS without any USCG type approval cannot occur for many shipowner.  Most shipowners need to read the details and limitations of the USCG type approved models before a purchase agreement can be made.  Choice will continue to discuss this with the USCG and keep our clients informed. If you have any questions, please call +1 440 973 9841 or email