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BWTS Implementation: ‘the gift that keeps on giving’

Article with interview by Debra DiCianna

Speaking at a recent Riviera webinar “The BWMS market: crystal clear or murky waters, Debra DiCianna noted that ballast water treatment system was “the gift that keeps on giving.” …

As Ms. DiCianna stated in the article written after the webinar, “compliance starts with the documentation. ‘The best way for you to have a compliant operation is to make sure the paperwork is in order. We (Choice) have found that if the paperwork is not complete when you get into an inspection, the officer will raise more questions.’” Now more than ever shipowners need to be aware of all the paperwork necessary for compliance. Ms. DiCianna provided updates on which BWMS are available on the market with the necessary regulatory approvals and also what is need for ships upgrading from the USCG accepted AMS to USCG type approved models.

Planning communication and training are keys to a successful BWMS retrofit installations… The caveat is that time is running out to meet the deadline, creating a logjam of retrofits.

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