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Carnival Cruise Line Choses Choice Ballast Solutions to Develop BWM & Biofouling Plans for their Fleet

Carnival Cruise Line choses Choice Ballast Solutions for fleets Ballast Water Management Plans

“Choice Ballast Solutions (Choice) is developing Ballast Water Management Plans (BWMPs) and Biofouling Management Plans for the entire Carnival Fleet – 24 cruise ships – including the new MARDI GRAS.  Over 20 BWMPs have been provided at this time.  The Choice BWMP template is streamlined and clearly specifies the requirements, addresses any BWMS special issues and contingency measures, and covers US compliance.

During the development of the BWMPs, Choice reviewed and ensured that all documents were onboard for port State inspections.  Carnival needed to ensure that the BWMPs helped the crew understand the requirements.

Biofouling Management Plans need to accurately reflect the ship’s antifouling system and procedure.  Plans provided by Classification Societies are general.  Carnival was aware that biofouling management plans will be the future focus for many port State inspections.”