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Choice Ballast Solutions Debra DiCianna Interviewed by Safety4Sea

Sea4Sea interviewed Debra DiCianna for their Career Paths Column on women in maritimeSafety4Sea held an interview with Debra DiCianna of Choice Ballast Solutions for their Career Paths Column in regard to women in decision-making jobs in maritime, EPA, IMO and with other Administrations. Debra shared her journey as a leader in the marine industry.

When asked about what excites her most in her job she responds, “my role has been helping shipowners understand the regulatory requirements and finding solutions.  I love participating at the IMO MEPC meetings and interacting with the delegates to gain their perspective on issues and solutions, and then informing clients on the challenges ahead and possible solutions. I also like the challenge of discussing issues with regulatory bodies (i.e., USCG, USEPA) to help them understand actual ship operations, such that regulations achieve their intent but with minimum burden to the shipping community.”