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Choice Completes 3D Scans and BWM Plan for Hyde Shipping

Hyde Shipping 3D Scan 1

Choice Ballast Solutions (Choice) has completed their latest 3D scan project for Hyde Shipping in preparation for an upcoming retrofit of the Alfa Laval ballast water management system. The project has encompassed doing 3D scans onboard the vessel, a BWM Plan along with basic and detailed engineering designs in collaboration with sister company, NETSCo.

Choice has completed hundreds of 3D scans for BWMS or scrubber retrofits, providing to clients highly-detailed 3D Scanning that capture the “as-built” condition of the vessel and assist in the modeling of ballast water management system (BWMS) technologies or Scrubber Exhaust Gas Cleaning System conversions. 3D Modeling best demonstrates how either of these systems, and associated filters and piping, will fit within the available space for the vessel.

Choice is pleased to announce the completion of their most recent project and would like to thank Hyde Shipping and the vessel crew for their assistance and support!

Hyde Shipping Scan 3

Hyde Shipping Scan 2