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3D scanning

Choice Completes Detailed Scrubber & BWMS Engineering Surveys and 3D Laser Scans

In preparation for feasibility studies and engineering designs and drawings, Choice is proud to announce the completion of a series of scrubber and ballast water management engineering surveys and 3D laser scans for major shipowners in the maritime industry.

John P. Dooley, President of Choice said, “The integration of a scrubber is a major conversion project for any vessel. Choice’s extremely detailed 3D laser scans and ship surveys are the first step in a successful retrofit.”

3D scan by Choice An accurate representation of the potential installation areas allows shipowners to decide on the choice of scrubber type and ballast water management systems based on available space as well as placement of it on board the vessel while also considering other capital and operating costs. In consideration of costs, many shipowners are opting to have their scrubber and BWMS 3D scans performed at the same time. Learn more at or contact John Dooley at