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Debra DiCianna Offers Insight to Shipowners on BWMS Alternatives at Riviera Webinar Week

Debra DiCianna, senior compliance engineer at Choice Ballast Solutions was part of an expert panel along with Kevin J Reynolds, Glostens’ director of research & development at the Riviera Maritime Media Ballast Water Webinar Week. The webinar was titled, Alternatives to shipboard ballast water treatment systems.

Ms DiCianna discussed two subjects on the topic. The first was alternatives to complying with regulations without having a ballast water treatment system on board the ship, which included land-based treatment and mobile systems. Ms. DiCianna also spoke on ballast water management system failure and contingency planning.

Summarizing her talk, Ms. DiCianna ended her presentation by stating, “The alternatives to treatment are limited and the important thing to focus on is having a contingency plan. A contingency plan can be amended to a Ballast Water Management plan. As it is not a requirement in the Convention it does not require approval. We (Choice Ballast Solutions) have provided contingency plans for many ships.”