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Ecochlor/Choice Complete Ex Hazardous Zone Study


March 3, 2015  –  As the ratification process draws to a close, Ecochlor has completed a report with Choice Ballast Solutions and Netsco on improved arrangements and installation process for the Ecochlor Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) that is especially advantageous for use in large tankers. The small size, low power, predictable operational cost, and minimal maintenance characteristics of the Ecochlor system make it ideally suited for installation these ships.

Rich Mueller, Founder/CEO of Choice and President/CEO of Netsco commented: “We see Ecochlor as a top tier technology solution for BWTS in larger vessels. Through our work with BP we realized there are only a few ways to deal with the higher flow rates of the ballast systems on larger vessels. We have bulkers in our DNA here at Netsco, and through our work with BP we developed a thorough understanding of the tanker market and have a number of tanker owners as customers.  We think we can help Ecochlor significantly in developing this market sector, utilizing both our BWTS integration experience and our Bulker/Tanker background.  The current project is a great way to begin developing a relationship that should provide both parties substantial growth opportunities with outstanding returns on the time and effort expended”

Using feedback from ship owners, Choice worked in tandem with Ecochlor to review each component of an installation to assure that the best options are being utilized for working within a hazardous zone space. The result of these efforts will allow for a straightforward, trouble-free installation. In addition, this analysis will allow Ecochlor to continue to provide an approach to tanker owners that will offer operational ease for the crew and deliver uncomplicated maintenance of the system for the life of the vessel.

Ecochlor, Inc. has developed proprietary ballast water treatment systems that include filtration and a dilute solution of chlorine dioxide. They have been specifically designed to safely and economically eliminate the worldwide transfer of aquatic invasive species.

Choice, and key partner Netsco, are experts in the application and installation of all types of ballast water treatment systems on all types of vessels. Since 2001, they have been working with owners to develop systems; testing facilities for validation of systems; enforcement agencies and Class to obtain certification; and shipyards for the retrofit of existing vessels. They provide advice and guidance for how to meet IMO and USCG rules.