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USCG Reconsiders “next scheduled dry dock date” for BWMS Compliance

The U.S. Coast Guard issued a release stating it has reconsidered its stance on ‘next scheduled drydocking date’ for ballast water management systems (BWMS) compliance.

As stated in the bulletin, “Vessels that have received an extension of the ballast water compliance date that was stipulated as the “first scheduled drydock after (date)” and subsequently experience drydock slippage, enter a drydock for emergency reasons, or enter for the purpose of installing a scrubber will retain the originally issued extension, provided there is no change to the next scheduled statutory out-of-the-water survey of the ship’s hull for the required inspection of the outside of the ship’s bottom.

“The Coast Guard will provide vessels with updated language that reflects the intent of the originally issued extension. This updated language will tie the extension termination date to the vessel’s out-of-water statutory survey schedule, not to exceed five years.”

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