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USCG talks about Ballast Water Management Regulations & Global Trends in the 21st Century

“The Coast Guard is increasing its focus on enforcement and compliance,” stated Rear Adm. John Nadeau.  “. . . we are actively enforcing the requirement. Every domestic and Port State Control exam assesses compliance, and failure of the exam may result in penalties. Marine inspectors will verify crew knowledge of the equipment, examine the condition of the equipment, and review documentation and the type approval certificate.”

A request for a BWMS extension must explicitly state and provide evidence that one of the five accepted methods spelled out in the regulations (listed below), including installation of a type approved system, is not possible before compliance date.

  • Installing and using a Coast Guard type approved ballast water management system to meet discharge standards
  • Temporary use of an Alternate Management System
  • Use of water from a U.S. public water system
  • Discharge of ballast water to an appropriate reception facility
  • Discharge of ballast water more than 12 nautical miles from shore.”

Nadeau’s remarks at a recent conference at Posidonia began with a discussion on extensions and ended with global trends in the 21st century. For a summarized script of the presentation on the Role of the Regulator click here.