A blend of theoretical engineering and practical experience.
First-hand knowledge
Extensive experience with vessel surveys
and retrofits in shipyard, 
dry dock, quayside 
or underway.
Founded to bridge the gap between survey and service with integration engineering for BWTS.
Key partner is Netsco 
a naval architecture and marine engineering firm with over two hundred 
years of combined 
in-house experience.
Your Channel to Open Water

Proven Programs for Your Global Operations

Dedicated to keeping the world’s waterways open to ship owners, Choice Ballast Solutions (Choice) is also dedicated to your bottom line. As your technical and regulatory helmsman, we skillfully navigate the complexities of maritime operations and the multifaceted requirements of ballast water treatment retrofit and compliance, returning you to open water with BWT solutions custom-designed for your specific requirements.

Choice and Netsco are teamed up with a proven record of technical excellence, efficiency and reliability. With extensive experience in vessel surveys, retrofits, ballast water treatment system design, certification and integration, we deliver comprehensive, independent programs based on your needs.

Bottom line — you find peace of mind when partnered with a firm whose mission mirrors your own.

Choice Provides Custom
Ballast Solutions For You

Choice serves vessel owners, operators, and suppliers of ballast water management systems.

The Choice advantage is our ability to quickly deploy a technical team to assess your needs, the ships’ systems, interface with suppliers’ technical team and sales specialists; and respond to key decision makers with accurate and timely data.

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